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Civil Law

VA Abogados

Family Law

We have a long history of defending our clients’ interests in all proceedings for divorce and separation, either by mutual agreement or contentious, drafting agreements and procedures of food and child custody and amendment of measures. As well as the execution of judgments rendered by the courts and tribunals in this area.

Law of successions

Legal advise regarding inheritance matters and the law of succession, belonging to the civil and tax field

  • Legal advise in drafting of wills
  • Inheritance certificates with or without testament (intestate)
  • Settlement and adjudication of inheritance
  • Challenge of wills
  • Living donations
  • Inheritance taxations, to avoid unnecessary payments to the Public Treasury

Successions are complicated procedures where it is advisable to rely on counselling by lawyers. Save trouble and leave the inheritance proceedings in our hands.

Debt Recovery

We have extensive experience in claims and debt collection through out-of-court settlements and legal claims, having obtained a significant number of favourable resolutions.

Before bringing proceedings, our lawyers will try to reach an agreement by contacting the debtor, as in some cases it may be interesting to negotiate and attempt a settlement before filing a lawsuit.

If no settlement in accordance with our client’s interests is possible, it will be necessary to take legal action against the debtors. In the Spanish legal system there are different types of procedures:


  • Ordinary proceedings: for debts exceeding € 6,000.00, or when the claimed amount cannot be determined beforehand.
  • Oral procedure: for debts not exceeding € 6,000.00.
  • Payment procedure: for debts shown reflected in any of the following documents:
    • Documents that appear signed and sealed by the debtor.
    • Invoices, delivery notes, certificates, telegrams and telefax.
    • Documents containing the debt in conjunction with commercial documents establishing a previous lasting relationship.
    •  Certifications of non-payment of amounts due from common costs of communities of urban property owners.
  • Exchange: debts shown in any of the following documents
    • Bill of exchange.
    • Check.
    •  Promissory note.
  • Enforcement procedure: claims of debts recorded in a public or private document.
Juan Velasco

Juan Velasco


More than 15 years of experience defending our clients

Our goals and interests are only and exclusively achieving and defending our clients’ objectives and interests, in every case we represent.

What Our Clients Says

Lindsey Bellis


"I experienced a very professional, friendly, reliable and trustworthy service dealing with all legal aspects of purchasing and selling Spanish property by a very conscientious lawyer who speaks and understands the English language perfectly. Brilliant!"

Patrick Visser


"As owner of a real estate company on the Costa del Sol we had a great amount of dealings with Juan Miguel and we always enjoyed and appreciated his professionalism and experience. He has also assisted with some legal cases that were resolved positively and as such can recommend his law firm"

Ted Beever


"Juan Miguel  has acted on my behalf for the last ten years and has carried out all my legal business in Spain with the utmost integrity and diligence,I currently own four properties  in Spain and there is always something to attend to.When one resides in the United Kingdom it is most comforting to have a trustworthy legal representative looking after my affairs in Spain"

Scott Bannatyne


"I found Juan Miguel very professional throughout my case he was very patient and determined to bring to what was a successful conclusion."

John Chan


"I was introduced to Juan by a colleague and he has certainly been exceptional. We were desperate to sort out a problem which no other lawyer was prepared to tackle. Juan was confident that he could solve it and he offered a no-win-no-fee option which I took gladly. The case was long and drawn, but we won in the end thanks to Juan’s outstanding efforts and attention to detail."

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